The Aegean Story

With its unique waters the Aegean Sea lies between Greece and Turkey and has well known islands such as Santorini, Rhodes, Crete and beautiful coastlines, coves of Bodrum, Datca and Knidos.

This region has been home to many civilizations, Karians, Dorians, Myceneans, Sea People, Minoans and Trojans just to name a few, all blended together creating stories and traditions.

It is through this rich blend of cultures we bring artisans of the region together to create our collections.

As such, one of our signature products, the finely crafted bath towels come from an ancient capital of textiles.

Laodeikia, in the ancient times (circa 2500 BC and onwards) and well through the history has been the centre of the textile industry in this region. A mighty city with over 100.000 inhabitants it is known to produce the finest, most exquisite textile to the entire region and beyond.

It's this heritage we bring through our collections.

We work with local artisans, where all of the family joins in creating, where the old and young get together, where whole villages collaborate with each other and pass knowledge from generation to generation and where finely crafted pieces are created.

We wish for you to enjoy these truly artisanal products from the region.

After all this is the place where Prometheus carried the sacred flame from Mount Olympus and where Athena created the mighty Olive Tree...